Fraserburgh is a strategic consulting firm which specialises in working with entrepreneurial clients.

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From our direct experience as entrepreneurs and in advising entrepreneurial businesses we have learned some valuable lessons.

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Our multidisciplinary team has hands-on experience as both managers and owners of businesses. This experience underpins our ability to generate pragmatic solutions for our clients and their wider constituencies.

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Latest Events Moneyball in Vegas: economic theory meets reality in $18.4bn bankruptcy

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Latest Events Dr Chris Donegan named best IP Business Strategy Advisor in UK

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Latest Events Ballard Powered by Patents

Latest Events The Future of Kodak

The New York Times profiles Kodak and its search for IP Value.

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Latest Events Archimedes Law: IP Leverage for Growth Companies

Chris Donegan writes in Intellectual Asset Management.

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Latest Events Superconnectors and the Future of Cross Functional IP

Chris Donegan writes in Intellectual Asset Management.

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Latest Events The Real Prize in Caesars Fight

The Wall Street Journal reveals the intangible assets driving value in Caesar’s Chapter 11 battle.

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Latest Events The convergence of technology and medicine

Former Genentech executive John Patton writes in Nature on the history of convergent technologies.

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Latest Events Google Tax

The Economist on how the global tax system is playing catch up with the knowledge economy.

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Latest Events Patent Trolls migrate to Pharma

Kyle Bass backs a strategy to challenge patent life extensions.

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Latest Events Picassos’ in the Cemetery

Chris Donegan writes in Intellectual Asset Management on the IP value inherent in failed start-ups.

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Latest Events David and goliath battle for the soul of an industry

Entrepreneurs are challenging Google/Facebook hegemony in Drone innovation.

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Latest Events Pfizer Bets $15bn on new class of Generic Drugs

Dealbook examines the Pfizer’s acquisition of Hospira's Biosimilar portfolio.

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Latest Events Copyright and the Music Marketplace

A definitive 2015 report from the US Copyright Office.

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Latest Events Revenge of the Turtles

A classic 1960’s band sue Sirius for $100m relating to Royalties recorded before 1972.

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Latest Events The Comeback Brand

Steven Overman, Kodak’s CMO on the comeback of an Iconic brand.

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Latest Events No Exit

Gideon Lewis-Kraus writes in Wired on one Start-Up’s struggle to survive the Silicon Valley Gold Rush.

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Latest Events IBM Thinks again

Dr Chris Donegan writes in Intellectual Asset Management’s IP Finance Blog about IBM’s Watson and the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

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